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Bag Unloader

Release Time2019-10-17

The manual pouch unloading and unloading machine has simple and reliable structure and low energy consumption. Effectively avoid dust leakage.

  working principle:

  The 25kg or 50kg/bag of powder and granule material packaging bag is transported by manual (or belt conveyor) to the roller conveyor. The roller conveyor automatically runs to feed the bag into the unpacking machine system, and presses the material during the bag forward process. The device compacts the package and cuts the bag by a fast-rotating blade. The material is discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the device by self-gravity (the following can be connected to a silo or a chain conveyor), and the vibrating device carries the bag on the bag. Tap to ensure that the sticky, easy-to-crack material in the bag is completely discharged, and the cut bag is discharged from the tail of the device. A small amount of dust generated during the unpacking process is effectively filtered by the dust collector disposed on the top of the unpacking machine.


  • Bag Unloader